November 12, 2019

Is FOSS Viable for Creative Professionals

I’m an advocate for the adoption of Free and Open-Source Software (“FOSS”) among creative professionals. I’ve written about why creatives should choose software with better licenses. I’ve spoken at software conferences about how FOSS projects can attract more creative professionals. My creative agency uses these alternatives to Adobe and Autodesk software in our work for Amazon, Skullcandy, and many other brands. But it turns out a lot of people think that what we’re doing disqualifies us from being professionals. Read more

November 11, 2019

A Late Blooming Weirdo Thinking Out Loud

The girl I was dating over 15 years ago once told me about people publish their personal diaries online, and that complete strangers would read and comment on them. I found the idea weird. I had no idea that “blogging” would become a huge thing, and that I would eventually find myself here… late… starting a blog. To be clear, this isn’t a blog in the form of those early diaries. Read more

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