November 11, 2019

A Late Blooming Weirdo Thinking Out Loud

The girl I was dating over 15 years ago once told me about people publish their personal diaries online, and that complete strangers would read and comment on them. I found the idea weird. I had no idea that “blogging” would become a huge thing, and that I would eventually find myself here… late… starting a blog.

To be clear, this isn’t a blog in the form of those early diaries. I’m not interested in sharing the personal details of my life, nor am I deluded enough to think anyone would be interested in reading them. I may periodically share impactful life experiences, but what I am most interested in is refining ideas through the process of thinking out loud.

If by some chance you are reading these thoughts, then you are almost certainly among an elite few! The content of this blog isn’t designed to boost my influencer status, or package visitors for advertising. It spans topics that I think about, that form the basis of my attempt to maximize the good I do in my life, including: design, free and open-source software, ethical marketing, environmental stewardship, and the Church of Jesus Christ.

So thank you for reading this inaugural blog post. I hope these thoughts somehow improve your life. If so, I’d love to hear about it on Twitter. Now I’m off, to wonder: What would my prior self think of me now?

© Ryan Gorley 2019